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This is an unlisted page for a work-in-progress project. It hasn't been revealed publicly yet so please be mindful if sharing this link.

Create the perfect ski resort!

In a gorgeous mountain environnement, build mechanical lifts, design ski runs and add facilities to the resort to attract snow lovers of all kind.

About the game

Snowtopia is a ski resort construction game. It is an early work in progress and in its current state, the only game mode is a simulation sandbox where you can build unlimited facilities and watch skiers enjoy the ski runs you created. 

Here is what we have in mind for the future:

  • Immersive and lively environnement
  • Intuitive building tools to create your resort
  • A different kind of gameplay where money isn't at the centre of everything
  • Manage the satisfaction of a great diversity of skiers 
  • Chair lifts, funiculars, helicopters and many others: what's your favorite way to get to the top of the station?

About the team

This project is developed by the Blueprint collective. Feel free to get in touch with us at contact@collectifblueprint.fr or signup to our newsletter.

  • Main developer: Garry Williams
  • Producer: Anne Lautrou
  • Artist: Arthur Bourdot
  • Additional help: Judicaelle Live Lun, Benjamin Frydman, Antonin Ferret

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